Best WaterBoss Water Softener of 2019 – Reviews & Comparisons

By Mike / August 3, 2016

Best WaterBoss Water Softeners on the Market: WaterBoss 900, WaterBoss 700, WaterBoss 950 and WaterBoss 220: Water containing a lot of minerals that is calcium and magnesium is considered hard. Using hard water in your home results to costly problems such as ugly stains on tubs and sinks and high water bills since water appliances […]


Best Water Softener Shower Head Reviews 2019: Save Your Hair and Skin

By Mike / August 2, 2016

If you live in a city or an urban center, chances are that the water you use in your shower is hard. A recent study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council showed that 19 of the largest cities in the country had water whose mineral contamination limits exceed the EPA accepted standards. Water becomes […]