Best WaterBoss Water Softener of 2019 – Reviews & Comparisons

Waterbross 900
Best WaterBoss Water Softener of 2019 – Reviews & Comparisons
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Best WaterBoss Water Softeners on the Market: WaterBoss 900, WaterBoss 700, WaterBoss 950 and WaterBoss 220: Water containing a lot of minerals that is calcium and magnesium is considered hard. Using hard water in your home results to costly problems such as ugly stains on tubs and sinks and high water bills since water appliances are forced to work harder. Water softening units helps to prevent this by providing healthy and clean water. If you are looking for water softener reviews, I suggest you to visit our homepage first. Waterboss water softener is one of the reliable and trusted brand in the market. Waterboss makes some of the best water softening systems in the market which are famous for their compact sizes and efficient operation. Though small in size, their performance matches that of the larger systems. To provide you more information, here is a review of 4 best WaterBoss water softeners.

WaterBoss Water Softeners – Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons for 2019


1. WaterBoss 700


WaterBoss 700 Best Price on Amazon

This is a whole house water softening system that is almost maintenance free. It is very efficient can soften a maximum of 70 grains per gallon and also acts as an iron water filter reducing 10ppm of dirt, sediments and ferrous iron.

Waterboss 700 is fairly priced which makes it ideal for medium sized home. It features a built in self cleaning filter that removes sediments and dirt from the water supply so it does not require cartridges for replacement.

Regeneration takes 18 minutes meaning you always have soft water and each regeneration process uses 2.5 pounds of salt and 16 gallons which is less compares to other units.

This water softening system is recommended to homes that use well water due to its ability to filter dirt and iron sediments. It is easy to install and highly efficient making it one of the best water softener by Waterboss.


· It is one of the smallest water softener in the market

· It’s tank comes with a 10 year warranty

· The valve has a 3 year warranty

· Has an integrated bypass

· Has a 12V power saving electronic circuit

· It uses less water

· It has a fast regeneration process that

· High hardness coverage


· It does not have a use indicator light or alarm

· It has a low cyclic rating

WaterBoss 700 Best Price on Amazon


2. WaterBoss 900

Waterbross 900

WaterBoss 900 Best Price on Amazon

WaterBoss 900 has the largest capacity of 36,400 grains among Waterboss water softeners which makes it ideal for large families or in places with very hard water. When installed, it can soften 90 grains per gallon as well as reduce ferrous iron in the water, up to 10 parts per million filtering out sediments and dirt.

Also, it maintains a consistent flow of water which prevents pressure drops when running large appliances in the house. Unlike the other water softening system, this unit contains a whole house filter that features a built in self cleaning filter and it does not require cartridge change which makes it cost effective and convenient.

Regeneration is quick too. The process takes 38 minutes, uses 27 water gallons and 6 pounds of salt which is efficient.

For safe operation, waterboss 900 has an automatic shut off system, a bypass that in installed by the factory extends the life of the filter and the controller for operating the unit is easily programmable and user friendly.


· Has a high efficiency design that conserves salt and water usage

· Available at an affordable price

· Extended warranties

· A factory fitted bypass

· Has an operational indicator light

· High hardness coverage

· A consumer friendly controller that is quite easy to use

· Metered on demand regeneration

· Energy saving

· Has a compact and a space saving design


· Requires electricity to operate

WaterBoss 900 Best Price on Amazon

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3. WaterBoss 950

Waterbross 950

WaterBoss 950 Best Price on Amazon

WaterBoss 950 is suitable for people living in big cities. It has a smaller capacity of 22,000 grains which is less than waterboss 700 and 950 and it can soften up to 35 grains per gallon. Besides softening water, waterboss 950 reduces chlorine taste and odor which is achieved since the mixed media bed also functions as chlorine filter. This highly improves the quality of the drinking water.

Waterboss 950 water softener can be installed as a whole house system providing soft water from all taps in the house.

Similar to Waterboss 700, this unit also has a built in whole house filter with self cleaning features which eliminates the need for cartridge replacement.

The regeneration process of this system takes about 19 minutes and the process uses 2.5 pounds of salt and 15 gallons of water.


· It has a space saving design, it only requires 9cuft

· It has a quick regeneration process that uses less water and salt

· Has an indicator light for user control awareness

· Reduces chlorine

· Iron filtration

· It offer huge power saving due to its low voltage

· Extended warranties


· Low hardness coverage

· Quite costly

WaterBoss 950 Best Price on Amazon

4. WaterBoss 220

WaterBoss 220

WaterBoss 220 Best Price on Amazon

If you have a small household and would like a simple and affordable water softening unit, then waterboss 220 is the right choice for you. It has a compact design, it is has 25 3/4 inches tall, 18 3/4 inches deep and 14 3/4 inches wide. If you are pressed for space in your home, waterboss 220 will still fit perfectly thanks to its small size.

Similar to the other units, it is a whole house water softening system and it can soften up to 70 grains per gallon as well as reduce ferrous iron in the water up to 10 ppm. The filter also removes dirt and sediments.

The regeneration process of this water softener unit takes only 18 minutes and use 2.6 pounds of salt. This quick regeneration along with the efficient design ensures that it uses less water than other systems. Also regeneration only occurs after a specific number of gallons pass through the unit.

Available at an affordable price, built in filter, a compact size and a quiet operation, waterboss 220 is perfect for small households as well as families on a budget. Though small sized, this water softener unit can soften moderate to very hard water.


· Has an ultra compact filter and softener

· A quick regeneration process

· A factory fitted bypass

· Extended warranties

· High hardness coverage

· Low energy electronic control

WaterBoss 220 Best Price on Amazon

Waterboss water softener is favorite to most families but Fleck 5600SXT metered water softener still remains the best. It costs just under $600 and it does quite an efficient job. After it is installed, you can easily program the controller; you just need to know the capacity of the system, water hardness and water usage and you can be confident that the water you are drinking is clean and healthy.

Unlike other systems that develop issues in the long run, Fleck 5600SXT operates smoothly with no major issues. However, you should not expect it to clean out the irons immediately as it takes some time but you will certainly realize the difference in the water quality and test results.

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