What Size Water Softener Do You Need – Here’s How to Calculate It

Water Softener Size
What Size Water Softener Do You Need – Here’s How to Calculate It
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Now that you are interested in knowing the size of water softener you need for your home, certainly you already know the benefits of having a water softener installed in your home. Water that has been passed through a water softener has got various benefits which include it being safe for drinking, cooking, washing, and bathing. Water that has been passed through the softener has got all its mineral content removed effectively. Now that’s great if you know these benefits of having a water softener.

7 Steps to Size a Water Softener – Selecting the Right System for Your Needs!

Water Softener Size

It is also important for you to be familiar with the various options you have when choosing a water softener. As you will probably find out, water softener selection is not a case of one-size-fits-all process. Find out in this piece what you need to know when you are considering the kind of water softener that is a right fit for your home:

  1. You will first have to determine the gains you will get from the softener

First even before you attempt to determine the right fit of a water softener for your house, it will be prudent upon you to first determine just how hard your water is. The industry standard for measuring the water hardness is looking at the magnesium and calcium content of the water which is often measured in grains per gallon (GPG). If the water coming to your house is distributed by the local authority in your area, you can call them to find about the GPG level of the water.

Alternatively, you can as well purchase do-it-yourself water quality test kits which are always readily available at a number of home improvement stores. There are certain instances when the water hardness level is displayed in milligrams per liter instead of grains per gallon, in this case, you can divide the result by 17.1 in order to get the GPG number.

  1. Establish the amount of water that you use in the house

The other thing that you will need to find out about is the amount of water that you use in your household. You could take a look at your water meter and try to find the number of cubic meters you use for a specified time, like weekly or even daily. By knowing the amount of water that is used in your household per day, it will be so easy for you to estimate per person usage per day. You could also simply multiply the number of people living in your house by 75 gallons of water per day.

  1. Calculating the daily softening requirement

This can be computed by multiplying your daily water use by the water hardness. This number is all about your daily softening requirement please have a look at this example:

Hardness: 10 grains per gallon.

If the daily water use is: 4 people X 75 gallons per day = 300 gallons per day

To get the daily softening requirement = 10 grains per gallon X 300 gallons per day = 3000 grains per day.

Going by the example shown above, the water softener will be eliminating 3000 grains per day. Please note that softeners are sized to regenerate at least once every week.

  1. Calculating your required total grain capacity

A water softener can only work to remove so much hardness grains before it has to regenerate and this is got something to do with how the softening process works. At some point in time, all the resin beads inside the softener’s tank will get saturated and this makes them unable to bind with calcium and magnesium ions anymore.

Regeneration basically is washing out and draining away the minerals that are accumulated in the tank and recharging the resin bed potassium and sodium. Most experts advice about regenerating the water softener every six or seven days. When this is done the softening efficiency is achieved as well as low wastewater produced. The resin bed is also conserved by protecting against iron sediment.

If for instance, you multiply your daily softening requirement of 3,600 grains per seven days you will get a softening capacity of 25,200 grains:

3,600 hardness grains per day X 7 days is equal to 25,200 grains per week.

  1. Selecting a water softener to match your specifications

Once you have figured out your water usage and the estimated water softening requirement for your household, it then becomes easy for you to select a softener that meets your needs and requirements. We just pointed out above that good water softeners are usually sized to regenerate once every week. Why is this so? When it is sized to regenerate once per week, it works optimum to ensure that the resin bed is kept fresh. It also won’t exert excessive wear and tear on the valve. It is vital to note that a water softener’s valve has got moving parts which only move when it regenerates.

When the softener regenerates once a week it helps to keep water consumption low. When the softener regenerates, it uses approximately 50 gallons of water.

  1. Considering Efficiency

Sincerely speaking if you are to regenerate a water softener’s resin bed to 100 percent efficacy it would require a very high amount of salt. On the flip side though is that partial regeneration is easy and even much more efficient.

Take for instance: if you are to fully regenerate a 33,000-grain unit, you will need up to 14.1 LBS of salt. A similar model of water softener will require at least 2.6 LBS of salt to regenerate 13,000 grains. This means that with 8.3 LBS of salt, it could be possible to regenerate up to 27,600 grains.

In simple words, even though a 33,000-grain system can remove 33,000 hardness grains from water in a two-regeneration cycle, it would require a very huge amount of salt to achieve this. So basically only recharging an approximate of 40% of the softening bed will still help get the job done for you at a fair amount of salt.

Best WaterBoss Water Softener of 2019 – Reviews & Comparisons

Waterbross 900
Best WaterBoss Water Softener of 2019 – Reviews & Comparisons
4 (80.56%) 36 vote[s]

Best WaterBoss Water Softeners on the Market: WaterBoss 900, WaterBoss 700, WaterBoss 950 and WaterBoss 220: Water containing a lot of minerals that is calcium and magnesium is considered hard. Using hard water in your home results to costly problems such as ugly stains on tubs and sinks and high water bills since water appliances are forced to work harder. Water softening units helps to prevent this by providing healthy and clean water. If you are looking for water softener reviews, I suggest you to visit our homepage first. Waterboss water softener is one of the reliable and trusted brand in the market. Waterboss makes some of the best water softening systems in the market which are famous for their compact sizes and efficient operation. Though small in size, their performance matches that of the larger systems. To provide you more information, here is a review of 4 best WaterBoss water softeners.

WaterBoss Water Softeners – Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons for 2019


1. WaterBoss 700


WaterBoss 700 Best Price on Amazon

This is a whole house water softening system that is almost maintenance free. It is very efficient can soften a maximum of 70 grains per gallon and also acts as an iron water filter reducing 10ppm of dirt, sediments and ferrous iron.

Waterboss 700 is fairly priced which makes it ideal for medium sized home. It features a built in self cleaning filter that removes sediments and dirt from the water supply so it does not require cartridges for replacement.

Regeneration takes 18 minutes meaning you always have soft water and each regeneration process uses 2.5 pounds of salt and 16 gallons which is less compares to other units.

This water softening system is recommended to homes that use well water due to its ability to filter dirt and iron sediments. It is easy to install and highly efficient making it one of the best water softener by Waterboss.


· It is one of the smallest water softener in the market

· It’s tank comes with a 10 year warranty

· The valve has a 3 year warranty

· Has an integrated bypass

· Has a 12V power saving electronic circuit

· It uses less water

· It has a fast regeneration process that

· High hardness coverage


· It does not have a use indicator light or alarm

· It has a low cyclic rating

WaterBoss 700 Best Price on Amazon


2. WaterBoss 900

Waterbross 900

WaterBoss 900 Best Price on Amazon

WaterBoss 900 has the largest capacity of 36,400 grains among Waterboss water softeners which makes it ideal for large families or in places with very hard water. When installed, it can soften 90 grains per gallon as well as reduce ferrous iron in the water, up to 10 parts per million filtering out sediments and dirt.

Also, it maintains a consistent flow of water which prevents pressure drops when running large appliances in the house. Unlike the other water softening system, this unit contains a whole house filter that features a built in self cleaning filter and it does not require cartridge change which makes it cost effective and convenient.

Regeneration is quick too. The process takes 38 minutes, uses 27 water gallons and 6 pounds of salt which is efficient.

For safe operation, waterboss 900 has an automatic shut off system, a bypass that in installed by the factory extends the life of the filter and the controller for operating the unit is easily programmable and user friendly.


· Has a high efficiency design that conserves salt and water usage

· Available at an affordable price

· Extended warranties

· A factory fitted bypass

· Has an operational indicator light

· High hardness coverage

· A consumer friendly controller that is quite easy to use

· Metered on demand regeneration

· Energy saving

· Has a compact and a space saving design


· Requires electricity to operate

WaterBoss 900 Best Price on Amazon

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3. WaterBoss 950

Waterbross 950

WaterBoss 950 Best Price on Amazon

WaterBoss 950 is suitable for people living in big cities. It has a smaller capacity of 22,000 grains which is less than waterboss 700 and 950 and it can soften up to 35 grains per gallon. Besides softening water, waterboss 950 reduces chlorine taste and odor which is achieved since the mixed media bed also functions as chlorine filter. This highly improves the quality of the drinking water.

Waterboss 950 water softener can be installed as a whole house system providing soft water from all taps in the house.

Similar to Waterboss 700, this unit also has a built in whole house filter with self cleaning features which eliminates the need for cartridge replacement.

The regeneration process of this system takes about 19 minutes and the process uses 2.5 pounds of salt and 15 gallons of water.


· It has a space saving design, it only requires 9cuft

· It has a quick regeneration process that uses less water and salt

· Has an indicator light for user control awareness

· Reduces chlorine

· Iron filtration

· It offer huge power saving due to its low voltage

· Extended warranties


· Low hardness coverage

· Quite costly

WaterBoss 950 Best Price on Amazon

4. WaterBoss 220

WaterBoss 220

WaterBoss 220 Best Price on Amazon

If you have a small household and would like a simple and affordable water softening unit, then waterboss 220 is the right choice for you. It has a compact design, it is has 25 3/4 inches tall, 18 3/4 inches deep and 14 3/4 inches wide. If you are pressed for space in your home, waterboss 220 will still fit perfectly thanks to its small size.

Similar to the other units, it is a whole house water softening system and it can soften up to 70 grains per gallon as well as reduce ferrous iron in the water up to 10 ppm. The filter also removes dirt and sediments.

The regeneration process of this water softener unit takes only 18 minutes and use 2.6 pounds of salt. This quick regeneration along with the efficient design ensures that it uses less water than other systems. Also regeneration only occurs after a specific number of gallons pass through the unit.

Available at an affordable price, built in filter, a compact size and a quiet operation, waterboss 220 is perfect for small households as well as families on a budget. Though small sized, this water softener unit can soften moderate to very hard water.


· Has an ultra compact filter and softener

· A quick regeneration process

· A factory fitted bypass

· Extended warranties

· High hardness coverage

· Low energy electronic control

WaterBoss 220 Best Price on Amazon

Waterboss water softener is favorite to most families but Fleck 5600SXT metered water softener still remains the best. It costs just under $600 and it does quite an efficient job. After it is installed, you can easily program the controller; you just need to know the capacity of the system, water hardness and water usage and you can be confident that the water you are drinking is clean and healthy.

Unlike other systems that develop issues in the long run, Fleck 5600SXT operates smoothly with no major issues. However, you should not expect it to clean out the irons immediately as it takes some time but you will certainly realize the difference in the water quality and test results.

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Best Water Softener Shower Head Reviews 2019: Save Your Hair and Skin

Culligan WSH-C125
Best Water Softener Shower Head Reviews 2019: Save Your Hair and Skin
3.5 (70%) 36 vote[s]

If you live in a city or an urban center, chances are that the water you use in your shower is hard. A recent study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council showed that 19 of the largest cities in the country had water whose mineral contamination limits exceed the EPA accepted standards.

Water becomes hard when it contains a high mineral content. It acquires the minerals when it runs through limestone and chalk deposits. The movement of water through water distribution systems is a major cause of water hardening. When it runs through these minerals, it dissolves ion deposits, thereby becoming hard.

Bathing with hard water can leave your skin looking dry and it can make your hair heavy and dull. These are just two of the numerous negative effects of hard water. With this information, you will obviously want to know how you can soften the hard water coming through your bathroom shower.

To help you make the best choice, this article offers a review of the top 5 shower heads designed to soften hard water right in your bathroom. The list offers a critical look at the best water softener shower head filters on the market today.

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Water Softener Shower Head Reviews (Best Shower Head Water Softeners)

1. Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount Showerhead

This is a product that seems to be quite popular with customers. The product is sold by Culligan, an international water treatment products company. The filter is rated as one of the best in the list of five. The shower head has the ability to remove up to 99% of all chlorine, odor, sulfur, and scale in water. This means that you can shower with the water without fear of having a dehydrated skin.

Culligan WSH-C125

Additionally, this softener shower head comes with the benefit of having a multi-setting spray system. It has five spray settings that you can adjust to fit your desire at any time. For example, you can set it to a full body spray. This maximizes the coverage of the water when bathing. Another setting can help make the water spray feel like a full massage.

Culligan WSH-C125 Best Price on Amazon

The head is easy to mount and this can be done within minutes. The included Teflon tape can be used to fix it to the shower arm without the need for any additional tools. It can last for 6 months under usage, which means it can filter 10,000 gallons of water. It is also quite affordable.

2. Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter with Massaging Showerhead

This is a relatively new brand in the market, though it is sold by Rainshow’r, a company that has been in the shower industry for long. However, it has gained a good reputation with customers so far. It comes fitted with a multi-setting massage shower head. This water softener shower head is also easy to install without the requirement of extra tools.

Rainshow’r CQ-1000

It is equipped to filter out chlorine, odor, and any other impurity that makes the water hard. To increase its longevity, the filter uses a combination of polyester and carbon filters. The two filters help reduce clogging that may be caused by sediments during filtering. This is especially important for people whose water comes with high sediment content.

The head can filter 25,000 gallons of water and it is designed to last between 6 to 9 months while under use. I recommend this shower head for clients requiring large capacities heads that can last long.

Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS Best Price on Amazon

3. AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter with Adjustable Showerhead from Aquasana

This is a premium shower head that is more expensive than the preceding two filters. The filtering process of this head occurs in two stages, removing about 91% of water hardening impurities. The first stage employs a copper-zinc oxidation media while the second uses a coconut shell carbon.

AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower

This makes it ideal for clients who suffer from dry skin and hardened hair due resulting from hard water. The fittings can last for 6 months, after which they can be changed. While the system may have a high initial cost, it is easy to install and maintain.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Best Price on Amazon

4. Culligan ISH-100 Level 2 Inline Shower Filter

This is another Culligan product that has very good ratings with customers. It is quite affordable. The impurities in the water are removed using a two stage media. It can remove impurities such as scale, rust, sulfur, chlorine, and other water hardening impurities.

Culligan ISH-100

This product can filter up to 10,000 gallons of water and last for 6 months under constant use. As security against any defects, the product comes with a 1 year warranty. Just like the Culligan product, this shower head is easy to install. Included in the package that you purchase is the Teflon tape for fixing onto the shower spigot.

This model is perfect for clients dwelling in cities where water is heavily chlorinated. Its working is effective in that when used in a shower, hair softens and the dry skin disappears. When the filter bottle requires changing, it is easy to do so by unscrewing to replace it. I have noticed that the number of people using the shower can also determine how soon the filter should be changed. I highly recommend this product.

Culligan ISH-100 Best Price on Amazon

5. Aquasana AQ-4105 Shower head Filter System Plus Handheld Wand

As you may have noticed, AQ-4105 is similar to AQ-4100, only that the former comes fitted with a hand held shower head. In AQ-4100, the shower head and the filter are one piece. In this case, the shower head is separate.

Aquasana AQ-4105

Like the other previous shower softening heads, this product helps improves health and beauty of the user. For example, I know a friend who could not shower with hard water because he was allergic to the chlorine in it. After purchasing this product through a recommendation, he has never complained again.

The system uses a dual-stage method of filtration with 90% success in removing impurities. The shower head can soften up to 2.5 gallons of water every minute. This means that it is a high capacity filter. AQ-4105 is the last of the five top softener shower heads available in the market.

Aquasana AQ-4105 Best Price on Amazon

Personal Recommendation

While I have a personal preference for WSH-C125 shower head, all the other products listed above are good hard water softeners. In fact, they are the best products in the market under this category. Therefore, it is upon you, using the information provided, to decide which water softener shower head would serve you best.

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Aquios Water Softener & Filter System Reviews 2019

Aquios water softener
Aquios Water Softener & Filter System Reviews 2019
3 (60.71%) 28 vote[s]

Salt-based systems may be the most efficient and effective way to soften hard water. But that doesn’t mean that they’re the right system for you.If you’re on a sodium restricted diet or don’t like the results a salt-based system provides then this could be the system for you. The Aquios Water Softener & Filter System is an all-in-one system. It doesn’t just soften your water, it filters it too. This removes all the sediment and undesirable minerals, leaving you with tasty drinking water. It even eliminates scale without losing pressure. Now that’s a big ask.

Aquios water softener
Best Price on Amazon

So, to help you decide whether the Aquios Water Softener & Filter System is the right system for you I’ve created this in-depth review. It will help you list the pros and cons beforehand. Saving you time and money. The last thing you want is to buy a product and have problems with it after all.

Aquios Water Softener Product Specifications

Whilst the pros and cons of the Aquios Full House Water Softener & Filter System are important, you should still take a look at the specs for this product beforehand.

Dual Acting System

The Aquios Water Softener & Filter System works to soften your water and filter it simultaneously.

Water Softener

A system that works to soften water without using any salt. Commercial natural technology is used instead to ensure minerals don’t build up in your pipes and appliances.

Water Filter

A replaceable carbon block filtration cartridge sits inside the tank, filtering the water after the softening process has been completed. Unwanted minerals and sediments are removed.

Compact Design

Slim and compact design to allow the softening and filtering to take place inside one tank inside of two.

Filter Cartridges Required

You’ll get one included with the unit. It will last for approximately 40,000 gallons of water – around 6 months of use by the average family.

No Electricity Required

You can save money on your electricity bills as this system will not need to be feeding of the electric energy.

20 Year Warranty

If the product become faulty within 20 years from purchasing it, you can have it repaired or replaced.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t like the product and want to return all you have to do is ask for a refund within the 60 day period. Then you’ll get all your money back.

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● Slim and compact – one of the slimmest systems on the market today. Perfect for those nooks and crannies you’ve got around your house. (27 x 10 x 8 inches)

● Multifunctional – you get water softener combined with a water filter. The best of both worlds. And it eliminates scale too – without losing pressure.

● No electricity required – You’ll save a ton on your electricity bills as this product requires no electricity at all.

● Easy to use – install your unit and replace the cartridges when needed. That’s it. No programming is required at all. You’ll probably need to replace your cartridges every 6-12 months, on average.

● Long warranty – you have the safety net of a 20 year warranty. So if you have any problems you’ll have the support to deal with them

● Money back guarantee – if you don’t like the unit you have 60 days to request a full refund. You’ll get all your money back. No questions asked.

● Salt-free – no salt at all is required to run the Aquios Full House Water Softener & Filter System. That means you won’t have the hassle of having to replace the salt. Oh, and you’ll save money too.

● Reduced scale build up – this system will actually work to change the structure of the water. Hence, scale build up will be significantly reduced. This reduces any potential problems that may occur in the future.

Aquios Full House Water Softener

Best Price on Amazon


● Requires filter cartridges – You’ll have to replace these, which means more money being spent. If you don’t replace the cartridge the system will definitely not work as well.

● High sediment content causes problems – the larger the amount of sediment content, the harder the cartridge will have to work. Meaning you could end up having to replace it more frequently. And that could get really expensive.

● Less efficient than salt-based systems – salt-based systems can deal with harder water types without their efficiency being affected negatively.

● Ineffective in very hard water areas – the effectiveness of this product significantly reduces the harder the water is. Salt-based systems are more effective in this area.


The Aquios Full House Water Softener & Filter System is perfect for those of you that are looking for a dual system product. One that will soften your water and filter it too. You don’t want to the extra money buying two products. And why should you? With this you’ll end up saving yourself a huge wad of cash.

If you’ve got a medium sized household this is it. It’s been designed to work best in households that have 2-4 bathrooms.

On a sodium restricted diet? Then look no further. Using no salt whatsoever makes this system s great choice for you.

If your GPG (Grains Per Gallon) is over 10 then you’re going to want to look for a different product. This product will be of no good to you. Sure, it will work, but the quality of the work it does will not be that good. And if your household has normal sedimentation issues this system is definitely not what you need. Honestly, your filter will constantly be clogged and you’ll literally become sick of having to unclog it all the time.

There’s no maintenance required if your household ticks all the boxes, so that’s definitely something to think about.

Installing this system is pretty painless as well. You could easily install this product yourself if you have some basic plumbing skills and a few tools. Saves you some money on installation costs, right? But if you’re really not sure, a local plumber can install it for you. It will literally take less than an hour.

Best Price on Amazon

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The Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener Reviews

The Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener Reviews
3.4 (67.14%) 14 vote[s]

Want to have beautifully soft water in your home? Perhaps you’re on the road and you’re sick of the taste of hard water. Well look no further. The Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener has been designed with you specifically in mind.

Watts RV PRO-1000

Best Price on Amazon
One thing to keep in mind is this: to make a system like this portable the Watts developers had to remove some of the features you would normally expect to find in a water softening system for the whole house.

A question you’ve most likely got on your mind is whether or not the Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener can hold its own against other more expensive household water softening systems. Well you’ll soon find out.

Not sure whether you should take the plunge and buy one for yourself? Not to worry. I’ve created this thorough review to help you make your decision without having to buy one and find out for yourself.

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Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener Product Specifications

Before we get into the pros and cons of owning your very own Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener let’s take a look at the specs for it. Let’s see what you’ll actually be getting for your hard earned cash.

Custom Designed Flow Valve

This allows you to regenerate your water softener with salt. And you won’t have any of the hassle of needing to disconnect the entire system and then having to reconnect it all again. So, you actually save time too.

High Flow Rates

The pressure on this baby is really intense. It’s actually capable of a throughput of around 4 gallons per minute. And guess what? It hardly drops in pressure throughout.

Full Cradle Base

This base increases the level of security the unit has, as well as its stability it has too. Even when you move the unit around, you’ll feel satisfied with the knowledge that your Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener is safe.

High Capacity Resin

This product has a third of a cubic foot of resin. And not just your bog standard resin either. I’m talking premium resin. This increases the effectiveness of the treatment process.

Built-In Drain Line VORTEX Flow Restrictor

The flow restrictor increases the capacity by as much as 55%. This enables the regeneration to be way more efficient.

Compact and Mobile

With a small weight of only twenty four pounds, you’ll have no problem carrying it around from location to location. It’s also only nine and a half inches in diameter and twenty one inches tall too.

10,000 Grain Capacity

That means it can remove 1000 grains of water hardness before regeneration is needed.

10 Year Warranty

You’ve literally got 10 years of time on your hands. So if you have any problems with your Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener you can have it repaired, or even replaced with a brand new one. Made and Manufactured in the U.S.


● Mobile – transport it easily from location to location with hardly any effort

● High level of efficiency at softening water – you’ll most likely be able to go from very hard water to very soft. How’s that for results? Watts only make high performing machines after all.

● Testing strips included – your unit will come with testing strips so you can test the hardness of your water before and after use. You’ll literally be able to see the results.

● Inexpensive – purchasing costs are low, but that’s not all. It can run on table salt after all. So the operating costs are at an all time low too. Plus, the premium resin used extends the lifetime of it.

● Vast warranty length – you have 10 years either have it repaired or replaced if you have any problems with your Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener.

● Small – it’s lightweight and compact, so you can easily store it without it taking up much room and move it easily.

● Increased stability – the full cradle base makes the product highly stable whilst on the move. So, you won’t have to worry about it falling over.

● Effective regeneration – the flow restrictor reduces the amount of water wasted. Plus it can take as little as 20 minutes to completely regenerate the entire system.


● Unable to rotate the hose fitting – this will be a problem when you want to use a longer hose length. This problem can be fixed though. Just change the fitting to a snap-in type connector and you’re sorted.

● Small – only ideal for small families and small homes due to the limited size. Or RVs. The Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener would work really well in RVs. If your home has more than one bathroom, you’re going to need to purchase a bigger water softener product.

● Has to be regenerated manually – to be a portable system there is no way to have an automated generation cycle. Hence, you’ve got to do this process yourself. By hand.

If you want to get rid of contaminated water, you should check out our guide on water filter pitchers.


Overall I’m going to give the Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener four point nine stars out of five. It’s up there, but unfortunately it just doesn’t tick all the boxes.

Sure it’s compact and has a high level of efficiency when it comes to softening water. Which is its main job, mind. So as a small system it can’t be faulted. But if you’re looking for something bigger and more powerful you’ll have to search elsewhere. This product will only work if you’ve got a small household.

If you’re a traveller on the other hand, you’re sorted. This baby is perfect for those with an RV as it requires hardly any strength to carry around. So if you’re on the go and want a product to travel. This is it.

If you would like the additional benefit of having your water put through a water filtering system you’ll unfortunately have to buy an additional unit.

Don’t be put off by its size though. The Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener can really pack a punch. The main reason for that is the brand of course. Watts don’t throw out half done products. Everything they create is of the highest quality, so you know that when you purchase one of their products you’ll be getting the most value for your money.

Best Price on Amazon

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Clearwave CW-125 Water Conditioner Reviews

Clearwave CW-125 Water Conditioner Reviews
4.1 (81.82%) 44 vote[s]

If you’re looking for a salt-free alternative to a conventional water softener, the Clearwave CW-125 Water Conditioner may really be the proper product for you. Making use of electro-magnetic waves, this type of water conditioning system gets rid of scale build-up which is caused by hard water. Simple to install, the Clearwave water conditioner is a great choice for both homes and apartments alike. The Clearwave electronic water conditioner is a well known product in the water conditioner market.

Clearwave CW125 Salt-Free Electronic Water Conditioner

Check Price on Amazon

How Does Clearwave Water Conditioner Works?

The device produces an electro-magnetic field.As soon as the water passes through this field, it changes its adhesion properties.
Rather than depositing on pipes and appliances, the minerals just wash down the drain.

With your CW-125, inaudible waves are created that alter the calcium crystals properties seen in hard water. The waves do not have any effect on the taste of the water, and you will not know the system is even on and working. The minerals just wash down the drain.

Contrary to other magnetic water softening systems, this CW-125 Water Conditioner is compatible with all kinds of pipes, which include:

Stainless steel

The good thing about this conditioning system is that it’s fully salt-free. There is no need for you to invest in such multiple pounds of salt – or even other additive for that matter – only to treat the water. It as well doesn’t waste water such as salt-based systems do since there is no any regeneration process.

Just like with other salt-free system, it is important to know that the Clearwave CW-125 does not really remove hard water minerals from the water supply. These minerals that’s healthy will still be there. They only won’t stick to your appliances or pipes.

Because the minerals are now in the water, you don’t expect such a “soft water” feeling. Many people describe soft water as slick or slippery. If you are not a great fan of soft water, you will really appreciate the Clearwave water conditioner. We didn’t notice any difference in the water’s texture, and the taste was really as crisp and fresh as it normally is.
The unit maximum flow rate is 28 gpm. In the course of our review, no changes in flow rate or water pressure were experienced.

One important thing to note is this system is just compatible with pipes which are 1” in diameter. In case you have larger pipes, then you may need to contact us to see if any adapters or extra parts are provided to accommodate the pipes too.
Installation is just a breeze. All you need to do is: set up the unit onto the pipe (ensure you choose an indoor pipe close to an outlet), wrap the antennae based on instruction manual, and then connect the unit to a particular standard wall outlet.
Also, if you can’t set up the unit to a pipe that’s near to a shop, you may really need to run an extension cord. Based on the installation area, this may not or may be an inconvenience for you.

Within your first 5 days of installation, you will notice your soaps more easily lathering, and scale starting to dislodge from appliances.

Advantages Of Clearwave Water Softener

Highly small, compact and lightweight – When compared to conventional water softening systems, the Clearwave conditioner is really tiny. This implies it will be simple to install, manage and remove. In fact, as soon as it arrives at your house, you could have it running within minutes!

Affordable – this product will really make your wallet smile, since its relatively low cost to buy (than with other systems) and virtually costs nothing to run or operate.

Green option – Because there is no any need for discharging, Brine tanks, salt pellets, or even anything you would usually be handling with other systems, this Clearwave water softener is a Eco-friendly choice. Your doing your own part for the earth.

Benefits to health – making use of a magnetic system implies you still obtain the health benefits of you drinking hard water. It neutralizes hard water minerals so as to prevent them to adhering to surfaces they touch- but its still hard water by the way. Hard water is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, so its good to drink. If you were to make use of a salt-dependent water softener system, you would really have to install a certain by-pass valve to obtain these benefits.

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Disadvantages Clearwave Water Softener

Does not get rid of hard water – magnetic dependent systems don’t get rid of hard water, they just delay its effects, so based on how hard the water is (and also how bad the hard water effects are), the system may not offer you ideal results. If your hard water effects are just minimal around the home, this should be okay.

Has to be installed inside – Its a great idea to check if you have the capability to install the softener inside contrary to outside, as it will require weather protection if it’s installed outside to prevent the computer system from being rain damaged.

Longer Warranty – The 18 month warranty you have is not that bad, but not so good in our choice (when other companies are giving up to 10 years!). You can compare this to the lifetime warranty provided by this similar magnetic systems, therefore, its hard to understand why they do not really give a longer warranty.


The Clearwave electronic water conditioner is a good choice if you are searching for a low cost system, and you are not disturbed by high levels of hard water in the home. Also, if you’re searching for an environmentally friendly choice, this is a good choice.

We may not recommend this product if your home has high hard water levels, as it wont solve any of your problems. If you really think you fall into this class of people, check out some other water softener reviews that’s ideal for you.

This water softener all in all is well known due to its size, price and easy of use. A good choice for small homes with minor hard water problems.

Check Price on Amazon

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Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Reviews 2019: Does it Work Well?

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler
Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Reviews 2019: Does it Work Well?
3.8 (75.81%) 105 vote[s]

The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is the real deal here when it comes to water softening as well as descaling. This is probably the best salt free water softener in the market right now which uses electromagnetic waves to soften and descale your water. Having used this product myself, I can certainly vouch for it as I found it more than just your ordinary water descaler. Let us look at some of the points that gives it a cut above the rest.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Reviews: November 2019

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

Key Features

The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler not only softens the water, it has installed magnetic fields that enables it to fight or descale the hard water effects. It interrupts the lime scale build up in the water system and keeps it clean and soft for up to 48 to 78 hours.

There has been a few misconceptions that it is merely a water softener. However, this is not entirely true as the system also works by reducing the lime scale build up. For this reason, it is safe to say that it prevents the damaging effects caused by the long-run accumulative effects of lime scale build up.

Size and Installation

It is compact in size, which makes the transportation and installation process much easier. Due to the added advantage of simplicity, you don’t have to be an expert in plumbing to have it installed, it can be done with zero experience.
Although it is ideal for any type of pipes, it is best not to be fixed on lead or iron pipe base. This is because of the components it has which can cause a reaction, thereby impairing the general functionality of the system.

Money Back Guarantee

The best part of the system is, it comes with a 12 month money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, you can return it and you will get a full refund of your money. And once you are using the system, you are given a life time warranty over repair works as well as parts replacement. This s an added advantage as you will not have to resort to DIY repair works whenever the system breaks down, you will be entitled to professional services to ensure the same.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

Check Price on Amazon

How Does Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Work?

The main cause of water hardness is the unchecked build-up of lime scale and in order to arrest this hardness from becoming a full-blown disaster, it is the very development of lime scale that needs to be avoided altogether. The system is simple, it uses a magnetic wave that controls the water supply. There are two coils that are installed on the pipe where the water supply comes from. These magnetic waves cut down the components that cause the lime scale. This helps to decrease the flow of the lime scale and in the long run it is deemed beneficial.

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Environmental Friendly

This is an eco-friendly product that can be used both at home as well as in the office. The magnetic waves, that is the heart of the product, surprisingly doesn’t do any harm to the environment. Additionally, nothing in your pipe system needs to be changed to accommodate the system. It can be easily installed on any given pipe, the size doesn’t matter. This makes it easier to alter the pipes in your premises without worrying how receptive the system will be with the new pipes.

Retains Water Minerals

It not only softens the water, it also holds back the contents of calcium and magnesium. Which means the water still has its essential minerals in it that are beneficial to the body.
Although it doesn’t mention anything about improvement in skin problem, there have been some cases where customers have said that they found a favourable difference in the texture of their skin. All skin types are different, so not many people may notice any improvements to their skin though.
A majority of customers have given satisfactory compliments over the product. They find that this alternative water softener as well as descaler is easy to handle besides its lucrative money back guarantee feature.


• Eco-friendly.
• It comes in a compact size.
• Can be used in both homes and offices.
• Works on all types of water pipes.
• Affordable.
• Easy to be installed.
• Easy to be cleaned, no hassle.
• Water is safe to drink, doesn’t need to be filtered.
• Besides softening the water, it does not touch the calcium and magnesium particles inside.
• Maintenance is low.
• Soapiness texture is reduced.
• There is a 1 year guarantee which also means that you can return it for a full fee before the warranty expires, prior you are not happy with the product.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Review


• There is a delay in the hard water while the process is being carried out.
• The installation is done from the inside, than the outside of the system.
• Best not to be installed outdoor because of lack of protection.
• Advisable not to be fixed on lead or iron pipes.
• Not recommended for large households.

Check Price on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Where can the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler fit?
Answer: Basically, it has to be fit where the water supply comes from. This is easier for the water to be processed from the beginning before it reaches the taps. If you are unable to fix it at the supply, the system can be fixed at least, at the first accessible point.
Although it can be installed outside the house or office, it is highly advisable not to because there could be a possibility, it will not function properly.
Question: What is the cost of its power?
Answer: Because of its eco-friendly features, it doesn’t cost too much. The power it uses is very little and can come up to a few cents per week.
Question: Size of the system?
Answer: The product dimension is width 6.75 inch x height 3.5 inches x diameter 1.5 inches.

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The Final Verdict

If you are looking for an efficient salt-free water softener, something that can soften as well as reduce the lime scale in the average hard water level in your household, than this is the system you will need. It is quite an affordable system that can be installed in the house or in the office. Additionally, it is easy to maintain, thanks to its simplistic nature. The best part of this water softener is, it comes with a 12 month warranty, and when you are not happy with it, in this one year, you can return it for the full amount of money. Check the best price of Eddy Electronic Water Descaler below!

Best Price on Amazon

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Best Salt Free Water Softener Reviews

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

Hard water can be a nuisance. It contains minerals that accumulate film and scale on home fixtures and utensils, make clothes dingy and can even clog water pipes. The hardness property is caused by high levels of calcium and magnesium. If your house has hard water then you might need a system that can make it soft.

One very great option is using saltless water softener solutions. Such softeners are different from salt based ones in that they use magnetism or electricity to neutralize the pesky compounds. Their biggest advantage is that they are very easy to maintain. This salt free water softener reviews a variety of products for you to choose one from.

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Saltless Water Softeners - Do They Work?

Some water purists do not think that salt-free systems are real water softeners. The argument is based on how they work. They are usually installed in the main water pipe (at the point where water enters your house). The installed unit sends a range of frequencies that agitate water molecules through the water line. That results to change in limescale’s crystal structure which in turn allows water to flow freely and without causing buildup.

Whereas the system does not actually make the water soft, it has been proven to prevent all the unwanted damages that are caused by hard water. So, does it work? Yes, it does. However, in case a softener does not satisfy your needs you can always complement it with a filter. Check out the differences and similarities between softening and filtering here.

Benefits of Salt Free Water Softeners

There are so many benefits of salt free water softeners. They include the following:

  • Require very little effort as far as maintenance goes. That is because you don’t need to buy chemicals or salt to sustain the system.
  • Environmentally friendly since they don’t operate using electricity and they don’t produce any waste materials.
  • Ideal for people on a low sodium diet because they reduce the amount of sodium in-house water.
  • Most are compact systems.

Best Salt Free Water Softener Reviews - Saltless Systems

Below are four of the most recommended salt free water softeners. For reviews on more systems, check out our water softener reviews.

Nuvo H2O Salt-Free Water Softener

Nuvo H20 DPHB Home Salt Water Softener System

Nuvo H2O is one of the highest rated units in most salt free water softener reviews. It uses chelation technology to soften water – a process where hard minerals (particularly sodium) are made soluble. That ensures they don’t stick to each other and thus on surfaces. It has compact cartridges that require periodical replacement after every six months. The system itself will notify you when it is time to buy a new one.

Best for: Small to average sized home.


  • Features a capacity of 50,000 gallons. That should last an average family eight months and over.
  • Fairly easy to install.
  • Comes with instructions for installation and maintenance
  • It is eco-friendly
  • Fairly affordable
  • Small enough (24 by 5 inches) to fit perfectly in a small or average home.


  • Can leak if the gasket moves out of place
  • Not effective for a large home (anything that measures more than 1,100 by 2,000)

Clearwave Electronic Water Softener

Clearwave Electronic Water Softner

This is yet another affordable and reliable water softening system. It is equipped with a chip that sends low-frequency electromagnetic pulses through water pipes. That stops scaling of mineral salts that usually make water hard.

Since it uses frequencies, you should ensure that any other frequency emitting appliances are stationed at least 10 feet away to avoid interference.

Best for: Hard water with a 25-grain level.


  • It is a one-off installment that doesn’t require any maintenance
  • Very easy to install
  • Comes as a full package. You won’t have to buy anything from the store
  • Efficient with power. It uses only 5 watts
  • Very effective; especially if you deal with limescale before you install the unit
  • Comes with 90 days money-back guarantee


  • Can interfere with other frequency emitting appliances
  • Removes scale and build up but does not actually soften water

Aquios Full House Water Softener and Filter System

Aquios Full House Water Softener and Filter System

The best thing about this saltless water softener is that it filters and conditions water and also eliminates scales. It does all those things without pressure loss. Just like the Nuvo H2O Water Softener, it doesn’t need maintenance or electricity but has to be replaced after every six months.

The technology used in this system leads to commercial grade water conditioning and carbon block filtration. It involves the use of a polyphosphate additive known as Siliphos to prevent minerals from building up in your water pipes. It also eliminates chlorine, sediments, and any other harmful materials.

Best for: High-quality water softening.


  • Has a sleek and compact design
  • Comes with a 20-year warranty
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Has a high capacity of 40,000 gallons
  • Water doesn’t lose any pressure


  • It might take some time to eliminate the buildup

Aquasana Water Softener and Filter System

Aquasana EQ 1000 AST AMZN Premium Rhino Whole House Filter

This system not only softens water for you but also conserves the environment. In fact, it is one of the most environment-friendly water softeners in the market today. That is because it uses a technology known as SLOW PHOS salt-free water softening to remove the unwanted minerals from water without depositing them in the environment.

Although you can buy the water softener as a standalone product, you also have the option of buying the full Aquasana system that includes a filter solution. The filter solution removes unwanted particles like dust and also reduces the concentration level of chlorine (to the optimum).​

Best for: Commercial grade softening and filtration combo​


  • Very efficient in softening and filtering
  • Levels out PH balance in water by regulating chlorine
  • Capacity ranges but you can have a whopping 1,000,000 gallons of softened and filtered water


  • The full package is very expensive


Like most other water softener reviews, we recommend that you choose a system that suits your budget and needs. If you need another alternative to water softening then you can read our article on water purification.

Best Salt Free Water Softener Reviews
3.7 (74.55%) 22 vote[s]

Fleck 7000SXT Review – Updated for 2019

Fleck 7000SXT
Fleck 7000SXT Review – Updated for 2019
3.9 (77.5%) 40 vote[s]

If you are looking for a water softening system that is suitable for very hard water and large households, then you should consider the Fleck 7000SXT. Designed with a grain capacity of 64,000, this system can be comfortably used even in light commercial settings. This system can withstand the high demands of the larger homes we have today.

Fleck 7000SXT Review 2019

This water softening system comes with a high rate of flow control, making it suitable for light commercial and residential applications. These areas have a higher demand for water. Today’s homes are larger and some have even been equipped with the latest appliances and plumbing fixtures.

Fleck 7000SXT

As such, water softeners for such situations should be able to provide consistent flow, without noticeable pressure loss. Softeners that have a 7000 valve, such as the Fleck 7000SXT are able to meet the needs of such homes perfectly.

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How it Works?

Fleck is a trusted brand in water softeners. The company makes sure to indicated the type of valve used to control water flow from the softener to the house. The7000SXT is comparable to the 5600SXT. However, it has a greater ability to handle water hardness. Designed with 64,000 grains per gallon capacity, this machine is able to work with hard water that has some of the highest concentrations of hardness and minerals.

It provides reduced staining, scaling and spotting on household appliances, laundry and even pipes. If you want a water softening system that offers the potential of energy saving, then this is it. It is a high end water softener that uses sodium ion exchange for the removal of calcium, magnesium chloride and sometimes manganese from water with excessive concentrations of these minerals.

Set and Forget

With advanced programming and design features, the Fleck 7000SXT allows you to set and forget. You don’t have to worry about reprogramming the unit or resetting the time. It has been fitted with an internal capacitor that protects against power outage. It ensures that your time is always set for 48 hours.

With a non-volatile memory standard, this water softening system will always make sure that this system does not suffer from memory loss. In case you lose power, you can rest assured that the system will recall your settings when power is back.

Fleck 7000SXT Review

Benefits of Using this Water Softener

As previously indicated, it has a high capacity valve. With a rating of 7000, the valve allows a higher rate of water flow. This is perfect for households and other areas that have a higher water demand.

It has been designed with a Demand Initiated Regeneration. This implies that rather than having a timed or scheduled process for regeneration, the regeneration process in this system is only carried out when required. This means that the system has a higher efficiency since there is minimal release of brine to the environment. This minimizes excessive salt usage and saves water.

It comes with a safety float. This is to make sure that water does not overflow to the floor, in a situation where the valve is plugged. It is fairly easy to install on your own. Additionally, the display is LCD programmable. As such, this electronic digital controller makes it easy to program and set up.

This system can run at more than 70% of its capacity. This makes it a cost effective and truly energy efficient, when compared to other brands in the market today. The Fleck 7000SXT is a real money saver.

Installing some water softening systems can prove to be a nightmare, especially if you don’t have the requisite technical skills. However, with this unit installation is fast and easy. The company has provided detailed and helpful instructions, to help you install the system on your own. You do not need to hire plumbers. Almost every adult can install this system, without encountering any complications.

Other Considerations

When buying a salt-based water softening system, you should consider the cost of adding salt regularly. The hardness of your water will determine the frequency of adding salt. However, this system has been designed with superior technology to ensure that there is no wastage of salt. It can hold around 250 pounds of salt that is normally added after 12 weeks.

Bottom Line

This is a solid, high-performance and affordable unit for small commercial and large capacity homes. It is a water softening system that will get the job done. The product is reliable, strong, and efficient, as well as being energy efficient and cost effective. This system is most suitable for medium to large households. So if you have a small house with 1-2 bathrooms, then I’ll suggest you to go for the Fleck 5600SXT model with a grain capacity of 48,000 which is pretty much efficient for a small home.

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Nuvo H2O Reviews 2019 – Is it the Best Salt Free Water Softener?

Nuvo H2O Reviews 2019 – Is it the Best Salt Free Water Softener?
3.2 (64.79%) 217 vote[s]

The popularity of the salt free types of water softeners has increased over the last few years since they don’t use salt, which means your drinking water isn’t affected. These systems offer an environmentally safe solution, which is in line with the increasing push towards reducing environmental pollution. Remember, some people would always choose salt-based system because of the belief that they are the only means of eliminating hard water. The information below based on Nuvo H2O reviews will help you determine whether this system suits you best.

Nuvo H2O Reviews – Best Salt Free Water Softener?

Click here for the Best Price on Nuvo H20

The initial aspect you’ll notice with this unit is its compact and small design making it appropriate for both big homes as well as small apartments. Some experts claim that the possibility of softening water without utilizing salt is zero and that sodium is a vital element for the process. However, the water produced by the Nuvo H2O system is conditioned rather than softened. The conditioning process not only lowers the alkalinity level, but it also prevents buildup. The system makes use of citric acid to soften water, instead of sodium.

The technology employed by this system is nanotechnology, which changes the water structure. Its operation necessitates a filter that needs regular changing or replacement. Being an avid believer of this product, I can confidently say that I am happy with the performance and results. I witnessed a significant reduction in hard water spots and the water even has a better feel and taste. Although most of Nuvo H2O reviews are positive, some users claim to have seen no change. A probable explanation is that their households have water with extremely high levels of hardness.

Nuvo H20 Reviews

Water hardening results due to the accumulation of hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium over an extended period. This scale buildup causes corrosion and clogging of home appliances and plumbing fixtures. To address this issue, Nuvo H2O utilizes a process called chelation, which makes the mentioned elements soluble to eliminate the formed scale.

Click here for the Best Price on Nuvo H20 Water Softener

I found the unit installation to be relatively easy with the whole set up taking approximately an hour. However, you can still get your system installed by professional plumbers from the company. They have a responsive and available customer support that is just a call away. The water softener package has virtually everything needed for installation including a detailed manual. You can set it up at any location, thanks to its compact design that doesn’t require any calibration, drain, floor space, or electronics.

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Nuvo H20 Features and Specifications

• A salt-free water softening unit that uses nanotechnology.
Needs a filter to work.
• It has a super compact size.
• A lifetime warranty and three months money back guarantee.
• Suitable for homes of at least 2100 feet square.
• Built-in pressure release and by-pass valves.

NuvoH20 Salt Free Water Softener


Better tasting water

Your conditioned water will have a great taste since you don’t need to add any potassium salt to the system. On the contrary, salt-based systems give water with high sodium content.

Elimination of existing scale and prevention of new buildup

Salt-free units use advanced technology that changes the structure of hard water, consequently removing the existing scale and averting future building up.

Money back guarantee

By choosing to purchase this product, you won’t risk losing your money since there is a three-month trial period. In a situation where you aren’t content with what the unit offers, you can get your bucks back. Additionally, there is a lifetime warranty after the 90 days are over.

It is easy to use the system

Using this unit is quite easy since you don’t need electricity, magnets, or salts. There is no waste to run, and you can easily use the filter and shut-off valve.


High costs of filter replacement

Although the filter operates without salt, you will need to replace the cartridge every six months. The frequency of replacement will be even higher if your household has extremely hard water. A single cartridge costs about 50 to 100 dollars, and it is advisable to do a cost-benefit analysis. If your water usage is above average, changing the filter more often might be expensive.


You should consider this system if you have a liking for salt-free water softening units. This is probably the best salt free water softening system. So if you are certain that you’re looking for a salt free system, Nuvo H20 is the one to opt for. In addition to being simple to use and super compact, you get a lifetime warranty and a full money back guarantee for three months. The unit is also for you if you are an earth lover searching for an environmentally safe choice. However, if the hardness level of your water exceeds 10GPG, I wouldn’t recommend this product because you’ll need to replace cartridges frequently. In such cases, you can go for a salt based system like Fleck 5600SXT, which is the #1 recommendation in our list of the best water softener reviews.

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