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What Size Water Softener Do You Need – Here’s How to Calculate It

By Mike / June 3, 2019

Now that you are interested in knowing the size of water softener you need for your home, certainly you already know the benefits of having a water softener installed in your home. Water that has been passed through a water softener has got various benefits which include it being safe for drinking, cooking, washing, and […]


Best WaterBoss Water Softener of 2019 – Reviews & Comparisons

By Mike / August 3, 2016

Best WaterBoss Water Softeners on the Market: WaterBoss 900, WaterBoss 700, WaterBoss 950 and WaterBoss 220: Water containing a lot of minerals that is calcium and magnesium is considered hard. Using hard water in your home results to costly problems such as ugly stains on tubs and sinks and high water bills since water appliances […]


Best Water Softener Shower Head Reviews 2019: Save Your Hair and Skin

By Mike / August 2, 2016

If you live in a city or an urban center, chances are that the water you use in your shower is hard. A recent study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council showed that 19 of the largest cities in the country had water whose mineral contamination limits exceed the EPA accepted standards. Water becomes […]


Aquios Water Softener & Filter System Reviews 2019

By Mike / July 28, 2016

Salt-based systems may be the most efficient and effective way to soften hard water. But that doesn’t mean that they’re the right system for you.If you’re on a sodium restricted diet or don’t like the results a salt-based system provides then this could be the system for you. The Aquios Water Softener & Filter System […]


How to Get Rid of Your Water Softener’s Stinking Smell

By Ryan Walker / April 7, 2016

Throughout the years, we’ve been seeing several manufacturing companies design water softeners along with water conditioners. Usage of a water softener has almost become a mandatory these days due to the existing conditions and problems of water hardness. Each of the manufacturing company is having over a ten thousand customers who love their products and […]


Water Hardness Scale Chart – What Size of Water Softener Do You Need?

By Ryan Walker / April 7, 2016

The whole way across the web one can find websites and reviews that help people to pick the best water softener. Tragically by far most of these apparatuses neglect to join water softener effectiveness into the figuring.  The outcome is frequently a decision of softener that appears to be appropriately estimated yet brings about huge salt […]


Water Softener Prices – How Much Does a Water Softener Cost?

By Ryan Walker / March 21, 2016

Hard water is a common issue in several households all across the world. As such, it has become essential to install a water softener. The price of the various basic home water softeners available today ranges from $200 to upto $1000. Given the wide range of prices, you must be careful when selecting one. A low […]


Hard Water, the Problems and Water Softeners – Facts and Information

By Ryan Walker / March 18, 2016

We have all experienced the annoying consequences of hard water affecting us individually and also affecting our household: White-emblazoned taps spotted cups, boring and dull hair. Let us take a peek in the superior, the negative and the hideous side of the hard water and find the way to manage with it. In accordance with […]


Salt Based vs. Salt Free Water Softeners

By Ryan Walker / March 14, 2016

Water softeners come in different types and sizes, and when you go shop looking for one, you might get confused between the different types of softeners, brands and models they have. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – check out our Water Softener Reviews for more detailed information. Also, there is a common debate […]