Clearwave CW-125 Water Conditioner Reviews

Clearwave CW-125 Water Conditioner Reviews
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If you’re looking for a salt-free alternative to a conventional water softener, the Clearwave CW-125 Water Conditioner may really be the proper product for you. Making use of electro-magnetic waves, this type of water conditioning system gets rid of scale build-up which is caused by hard water. Simple to install, the Clearwave water conditioner is a great choice for both homes and apartments alike. The Clearwave electronic water conditioner is a well known product in the water conditioner market.

Clearwave CW125 Salt-Free Electronic Water Conditioner

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How Does Clearwave Water Conditioner Works?

The device produces an electro-magnetic field.As soon as the water passes through this field, it changes its adhesion properties.
Rather than depositing on pipes and appliances, the minerals just wash down the drain.

With your CW-125, inaudible waves are created that alter the calcium crystals properties seen in hard water. The waves do not have any effect on the taste of the water, and you will not know the system is even on and working. The minerals just wash down the drain.

Contrary to other magnetic water softening systems, this CW-125 Water Conditioner is compatible with all kinds of pipes, which include:

Stainless steel

The good thing about this conditioning system is that it’s fully salt-free. There is no need for you to invest in such multiple pounds of salt – or even other additive for that matter – only to treat the water. It as well doesn’t waste water such as salt-based systems do since there is no any regeneration process.

Just like with other salt-free system, it is important to know that the Clearwave CW-125 does not really remove hard water minerals from the water supply. These minerals that’s healthy will still be there. They only won’t stick to your appliances or pipes.

Because the minerals are now in the water, you don’t expect such a “soft water” feeling. Many people describe soft water as slick or slippery. If you are not a great fan of soft water, you will really appreciate the Clearwave water conditioner. We didn’t notice any difference in the water’s texture, and the taste was really as crisp and fresh as it normally is.
The unit maximum flow rate is 28 gpm. In the course of our review, no changes in flow rate or water pressure were experienced.

One important thing to note is this system is just compatible with pipes which are 1” in diameter. In case you have larger pipes, then you may need to contact us to see if any adapters or extra parts are provided to accommodate the pipes too.
Installation is just a breeze. All you need to do is: set up the unit onto the pipe (ensure you choose an indoor pipe close to an outlet), wrap the antennae based on instruction manual, and then connect the unit to a particular standard wall outlet.
Also, if you can’t set up the unit to a pipe that’s near to a shop, you may really need to run an extension cord. Based on the installation area, this may not or may be an inconvenience for you.

Within your first 5 days of installation, you will notice your soaps more easily lathering, and scale starting to dislodge from appliances.

Advantages Of Clearwave Water Softener

Highly small, compact and lightweight – When compared to conventional water softening systems, the Clearwave conditioner is really tiny. This implies it will be simple to install, manage and remove. In fact, as soon as it arrives at your house, you could have it running within minutes!

Affordable – this product will really make your wallet smile, since its relatively low cost to buy (than with other systems) and virtually costs nothing to run or operate.

Green option – Because there is no any need for discharging, Brine tanks, salt pellets, or even anything you would usually be handling with other systems, this Clearwave water softener is a Eco-friendly choice. Your doing your own part for the earth.

Benefits to health – making use of a magnetic system implies you still obtain the health benefits of you drinking hard water. It neutralizes hard water minerals so as to prevent them to adhering to surfaces they touch- but its still hard water by the way. Hard water is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, so its good to drink. If you were to make use of a salt-dependent water softener system, you would really have to install a certain by-pass valve to obtain these benefits.

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Disadvantages Clearwave Water Softener

Does not get rid of hard water – magnetic dependent systems don’t get rid of hard water, they just delay its effects, so based on how hard the water is (and also how bad the hard water effects are), the system may not offer you ideal results. If your hard water effects are just minimal around the home, this should be okay.

Has to be installed inside – Its a great idea to check if you have the capability to install the softener inside contrary to outside, as it will require weather protection if it’s installed outside to prevent the computer system from being rain damaged.

Longer Warranty – The 18 month warranty you have is not that bad, but not so good in our choice (when other companies are giving up to 10 years!). You can compare this to the lifetime warranty provided by this similar magnetic systems, therefore, its hard to understand why they do not really give a longer warranty.


The Clearwave electronic water conditioner is a good choice if you are searching for a low cost system, and you are not disturbed by high levels of hard water in the home. Also, if you’re searching for an environmentally friendly choice, this is a good choice.

We may not recommend this product if your home has high hard water levels, as it wont solve any of your problems. If you really think you fall into this class of people, check out some other water softener reviews that’s ideal for you.

This water softener all in all is well known due to its size, price and easy of use. A good choice for small homes with minor hard water problems.

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