Fleck Water Softener Reviews 2019 – Is it the Best Brand to Go for?

Fleck 5600SXT - #1 Water Softener 2019

Fleck Water Softener
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Fleck is the best Water Softener brand on the market right now. Over the past few years, the brand has received nothing but 5 star reviews from their customers, due to their high quality and most effective Water Softeners, and the affordable price tags they come up with. We here at Water Softener Guide, also recommend Fleck as the go-to Water Softener brand which has been trusted by thousands of households. So which is the best Fleck Water Softener? Let’s find out!

Guide to Fleck Water Softeners - Is it the Best Water Softener Brand on the Market? Let's Find Out: Hard water is the most common problem faced in almost all households. Other than that, even for commercial purposes, hard water is a huge issue. It is fine to drink hard water, but it has a whole lot of side effects when you use it throughout your home. As such, it is always a good idea to get a water softener set up in your home. The tough part here is to decide which water softener to use. You need to select one which is perfect for your use. Finding the best water softener reviews is a tough job with so many systems out there in the market. Each of them has its own pros and cons. They work in different ways and use different techniques to get rid of the hardness in water. You have different brands, models, sizes, features, and price ranges to choose from.

Fleck 5600SXT - #1 Water Softener 2019

Fleck is known to be one of the most trusted names when it comes to water softening systems. They have a long life and will serve you for years to come. Pentair Water Treatment is the company that owns the Fleck brand of water softening systems. Positive customer feedback and trouble free service is what this brand is popular for. So, if you are looking for reviews on Fleck Water Softener, then you have come to the right place. Most of the products by Fleck come with a 5 year warranty. As such, you need not worry about anything before purchasing one. There are different models with different configurations suited for various requirements. You need to understand their main features and advantages before buying one.

Why Choose Fleck Water Softeners?

  • Affordable: You get the products in various price ranges. So, you have the option to select one within your budget.
  • Simplicity and Ease of Use: An electronic powerhead comes with each of these water softeners. It has got pushbuttons that can be used for programming the unit.
  • Easy to Assemble: The units are all fully assembled when they come and ready for plumbing. An instructional video comes with it to offer you a step by step guide for installing the product. You could also get a professional to help you out in installation.
  • Eco Friendly: Finest quality materials are used for manufacturing the Fleck unites. They are designed for low annual power consumption. Moreover, they use a considerably lesser amount of salt, which is good for the environment.
  • Top Notch Customer Support: The customer service offered by Fleck is appreciable, and they are always ready for you.
  • WQA Certified: This makes the brand even more trustworthy.
  • Easy to Find Parts: It is very easy to find the various parts of the unit and assemble them.
  • Most Importantly, Efficiency: Fleck Water Softeners are the best in the market. Period. Even though they are pretty affordable, these water softener systems perform their jobs very efficiently, and will help you get rid of all your hard water problems. Most of the customers are happy with the results they got after purchasing a Fleck water softener. It's not the number one Water Softener brand for no reason.

Which is the Best Fleck Water Softener for 2019?

Before you select a water softener system for your home, there are a few criteria you need to be aware of. The hardness of your water and the household’s configuration need to be taken in to consideration. So, we suggest you to choose the right one for your household by making use of the information we have shared below. We've compared the different Fleck models, and mentioned which one is suitable for which kind of household. Have a look at our Fleck water softener reviews and comparisons:

The Fleck 5600SXT water softener is one of the most popular Fleck products. It has a capacity of 48,000 grains and it can treat flow rates with up to 12 gpm. It is salt based and perfect for medium households. This product is perfect for homes that have water with a medium to high hardness level. Homes with around 3 to 6 people will find this capacity apt for use.

On the Fleck 5600SXT, you will find an electronic controller on a backlit LCD display. It is easy to program the water softener using the touchpad controls. The standard ion exchange process is sued by the product for water softening. The hard ions, calcium and magnesium, are removed from the water by this process. Moreover, it has a meter based regeneration process. As such, it only regenerates when it needs to, by measuring your water use.

Fleck 5600SXT Review

The design of the brine tank of the unit is square with a capacity of up to 250 pounds of pelleted salt. Potassium chloride pellets could be used if you prefer a more eco friendly option. But, make sure you check with the manufacturer without using them. A safety float and an overflow drain are also available for preventing the overfilling.

Two separate warranties come with the unit – 5 years on the head and 10 years for the tank. Customer reviews mostly give positive feedback for the unit and mention how efficient it is in making the water in the house usable and soft. The Fleck 5600SXT is known to be a big player in the market as it is the best method to soften your water. It has the capacity to handle very hard water as well. The high performance and ease of use make it popular among the masses.

A softening system computer and a large brine tank come with the system. You will require a large brine tank and a standard 120 V power outlet to set it up. It is a 10” X 54” tank with a 14” X 17” X 33” brine tank which is perfect for a medium home. It is larger than the others in the market, so you need to ensure you have enough space. Once you install it, you will need about 3 ft X 18 inches of space.

Best Suited for:

  • Families with around 3 to 6 people with about 3 standard bathrooms.
  • It is sort of a “set and forget” system. Since it has a meter based regeneration process, it regenerates based on your usage of water.
  • Areas that have a moderate to high level of hardness of water. Salt based systems are the best options for softening hard water.

Not that good for:

  • Households that are too small – you could go for something that is less bulky and is based on the usage.
  • Very large households – If you have more than 3 bathrooms, it means you have a high usage of water. As such, you will want a softener with a larger size.
  • For people on Sodium diets – softened water generally has a higher than normal level of sodium, which is fine if you are not on a restricted diet.


  • Great Warranty
  • Extremely Effective
  • High Capacity
  • Meter Regenerated
  • Affordable and Efficient
  • Saves Money
  • Easy Maintenance – No Headache


  • Heavy and Bulky
  • Overkill for Small Households
  • Using salt pellets incurs high running costs if used incorrectly

The Fleck 7000SXT model is designed to have a bigger capacity. It could handle 64,000 grains and uses one of the latest Fleck’s 7000 valve. A high pressure flow is allowed by the 1.25 valve. It works with 1.25 gpm. It is a salt based metered water softener with a by-pass valve best suited for large households.

An integral microprocessor is used to control the Fleck 7000SXT water softener. It is possible to even program the unit for a high efficiency generation with salt consumption at a minimum. If you have a large household, you use a large amount of water on a daily basis, or have some light commercial requirements; you must go for this product. You get a handy by-pass valve and a smart computer system along with the unit to keep your costs down when your water usage increases.

Fleck 7000SXT Water Softener


Fleck 7000SXT Specifications:

  • Standard Design: It has a two tank configuration with a separate brine tank which comes in a beige colour.
  • High capacity system: 80,000 grain capacity is great for converting plenty of hard water to soft water.
  • Smart technology: The integral microprocessor based control ensures that the regeneration is done based on your water consumption. This means low salt consumption and cost savings.
  • By pass valve: The by-pass valve helps you stop the system by turning a knob.
  • High structural strength: The resin tank is poly lined and fibreglass reinforced. Manufactured by the Structural Company, it is built really tough.
  • Warranty: You get a 5 year warranty on the valve or control, and 10 years on the resin tanks.
  • Lifetime support: You could call the support for any help or enquiry. Fleck’s offers a great customer service.

Best suited for:

  • A large household with 3 bathrooms or more. This is the best option of you fall in this category.
  • Small office buildings – It is applicable for light commercial uses.
  • Households that worry about running costs – the unit runs only to the most efficient schedule as decided by the smart processor.

Not that good for:

Small households – It may be overkill if you have less than 3 bathrooms. You must go for the smaller version.

This product is designed to accommodate high water usage keeping the salt usage and water usage as low as possible. The smart computer system helps you keep our costs minimum while dealing with such a high amount of water usage. Best suited for large families and small commercial buildings, use this high quality salt based water softening system for extremely hard water and high water usage situations.


  • High efficiency
  • High usage capacity
  • The by-pass valve uses the flick of a switch to turn the system off and on.
  • Smart – ensures the system runs only when you need it. This saves a lot of money.


  • Very heavy – installation is hard
  • Large system – overkill for small homes
  • Expensive - Choose the Fleck 5600SXT if you have a small household

Fleck 9100SXT Dual Tank Water Softener – 48k Grains

The Fleck 9100 SXT Dual Tank Water Softener uses a twin tank system for maximum efficiency in softening hard water. As it has alternating tanks, it will make sure that you never run out of soft water. It offers the perfect solution for a high level of hardness in water. Each tank has a resin of 1.5 cubic feet capacity. 12 gpm is the maximum flow rate for this unit.

An On Demand Flow meter is also featured along with the Fleck 9100 SXT Dual Tank Water Softener. This helps you by measuring your water usage and regenerating only when necessary. This system is suitable for very very large households, and are usually used in commercial buildings like office spaces.

You can get this system at the best price from this link: Fleck 9100SXT Discount.

Fleck 9100SXT – Click here for Best Price on Amazon

Fleck Iron PRO 2 Softener + Filtration System (32K Grains)

This is a combination system of the Iron Pro 2 Iron filter, plus the Fleck 5600SXT softener. It is a water filter and a salt based water softener that has a capacity of 32000 grains. Perfect for a low amount of water usage, this is an apt solution if you have a small house and low usage of water.

The Fleck Iron PRO 2 softens and filters your water. It removes hardness up to 75 gpg, iron in 6-8 ppm range, manganese up to 6 ppm, rust, sediments, sand, and other impurities. It comes with a brine tank and by-pass valve. The fine mesh resin design helps in high iron removal and extends the life of the unit. The 5 year warranty ensures you do not need to worry about it at all.

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Iron Pro 2 with Fleck 5600SXT 32k Grains Softener + Filter Combination – Click here for Best Price on Amazon

Fleck Iron PRO 2 (64K Grains) – Water Softener & Filter

This is a larger version of the Fleck Iron PRO 2 with 64000 grains capacity. It is perfect for medium and larger homes that require a large amount of water. This system is perfect for your household if you are looking for a water softener as well as a water filter. So, if you have a large household and need a system that softens as well as filters your water, then this system is what you would want to buy. Also, if you are looking for a filtration solution which is portable and inexpensive, then you might want to read about our report on the best water filter pitchers.

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Iron Pro 2 Filter with Fleck 5600SXT Softener – Click here for Best Price on Amazon

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Fleck Water Softener Reviews 2019 – Is it the Best Brand to Go for?
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