Nuvo H2O Reviews 2019 – Is it the Best Salt Free Water Softener?

Nuvo H2O Reviews 2019 – Is it the Best Salt Free Water Softener?
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The popularity of the salt free types of water softeners has increased over the last few years since they don’t use salt, which means your drinking water isn’t affected. These systems offer an environmentally safe solution, which is in line with the increasing push towards reducing environmental pollution. Remember, some people would always choose salt-based system because of the belief that they are the only means of eliminating hard water. The information below based on Nuvo H2O reviews will help you determine whether this system suits you best.

Nuvo H2O Reviews – Best Salt Free Water Softener?

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The initial aspect you’ll notice with this unit is its compact and small design making it appropriate for both big homes as well as small apartments. Some experts claim that the possibility of softening water without utilizing salt is zero and that sodium is a vital element for the process. However, the water produced by the Nuvo H2O system is conditioned rather than softened. The conditioning process not only lowers the alkalinity level, but it also prevents buildup. The system makes use of citric acid to soften water, instead of sodium.

The technology employed by this system is nanotechnology, which changes the water structure. Its operation necessitates a filter that needs regular changing or replacement. Being an avid believer of this product, I can confidently say that I am happy with the performance and results. I witnessed a significant reduction in hard water spots and the water even has a better feel and taste. Although most of Nuvo H2O reviews are positive, some users claim to have seen no change. A probable explanation is that their households have water with extremely high levels of hardness.

Nuvo H20 Reviews

Water hardening results due to the accumulation of hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium over an extended period. This scale buildup causes corrosion and clogging of home appliances and plumbing fixtures. To address this issue, Nuvo H2O utilizes a process called chelation, which makes the mentioned elements soluble to eliminate the formed scale.

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I found the unit installation to be relatively easy with the whole set up taking approximately an hour. However, you can still get your system installed by professional plumbers from the company. They have a responsive and available customer support that is just a call away. The water softener package has virtually everything needed for installation including a detailed manual. You can set it up at any location, thanks to its compact design that doesn’t require any calibration, drain, floor space, or electronics.

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Nuvo H20 Features and Specifications

• A salt-free water softening unit that uses nanotechnology.
Needs a filter to work.
• It has a super compact size.
• A lifetime warranty and three months money back guarantee.
• Suitable for homes of at least 2100 feet square.
• Built-in pressure release and by-pass valves.

NuvoH20 Salt Free Water Softener


Better tasting water

Your conditioned water will have a great taste since you don’t need to add any potassium salt to the system. On the contrary, salt-based systems give water with high sodium content.

Elimination of existing scale and prevention of new buildup

Salt-free units use advanced technology that changes the structure of hard water, consequently removing the existing scale and averting future building up.

Money back guarantee

By choosing to purchase this product, you won’t risk losing your money since there is a three-month trial period. In a situation where you aren’t content with what the unit offers, you can get your bucks back. Additionally, there is a lifetime warranty after the 90 days are over.

It is easy to use the system

Using this unit is quite easy since you don’t need electricity, magnets, or salts. There is no waste to run, and you can easily use the filter and shut-off valve.


High costs of filter replacement

Although the filter operates without salt, you will need to replace the cartridge every six months. The frequency of replacement will be even higher if your household has extremely hard water. A single cartridge costs about 50 to 100 dollars, and it is advisable to do a cost-benefit analysis. If your water usage is above average, changing the filter more often might be expensive.


You should consider this system if you have a liking for salt-free water softening units. This is probably the best salt free water softening system. So if you are certain that you’re looking for a salt free system, Nuvo H20 is the one to opt for. In addition to being simple to use and super compact, you get a lifetime warranty and a full money back guarantee for three months. The unit is also for you if you are an earth lover searching for an environmentally safe choice. However, if the hardness level of your water exceeds 10GPG, I wouldn’t recommend this product because you’ll need to replace cartridges frequently. In such cases, you can go for a salt based system like Fleck 5600SXT, which is the #1 recommendation in our list of the best water softener reviews.

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