Water Softener Prices – How Much Does a Water Softener Cost?

Water Softener Prices
Water Softener Prices – How Much Does a Water Softener Cost?
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Hard water is a common issue in several households all across the world. As such, it has become essential to install a water softener. The price of the various basic home water softeners available today ranges from $200 to upto $1000. Given the wide range of prices, you must be careful when selecting one. A low price would seem to be attractive, but it comes with its own set of problems. The low price might not include the installation, and could also have lower quality components, limited warranty, higher costs for maintenance, or even a shorter life span. By trying to save money this way, you may actually end up paying more. The maintenance and replacement costs might be higher in the long run. Our number one recommendation when it comes to Water Softeners, is the Fleck 5600SXT model with a grain capacity of 48,000, which is very much suitable for regular home uses.

As for the higher priced models, some are too expensive. Such products demand higher costs as they may include franchise fees, or the systems might be too fancy with unnecessary additions, or maybe even because they are inappropriately priced. So, keep in mind that high costs do not necessarily mean high quality and efficiency.

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Factors Affecting Water Softener Prices

You need a water softener that offers you good value in the long run, is manufactured by a well established company, has a third party certification, uses good quality components, comes with a warranty, and is energy efficient. As far as a water softener is concerned, here are 5 factors that affect its price in the market:

  1. Size of the System

The size of a system is based on three major factors

  • How much water you need to soften?
  • The hardness level of the water
  • The size of your home, or the total number of water fixtures you have in your home in order to maintain the perfect water pressure
  1. Quality of the Components Used

There is a wide range in the quality of the various components used in manufacturing a water softening system. You have both high quality ones and low quality ones. As such, you can expect the higher quality ones to be more expensive.

  1. Type of Valve

The valve is the most important part of the water softening system. You need a good quality valve to make sure you have a continuous supply of soft water whenever needed. The valve is like the brains of the system. A basic form of a valve is one that operates on a timer. This is generally inefficient and causes wastage of water. You have programmable metered valves that are much more efficient, environment friendly, and also offer benefits for servicing.

  1. Condition of your Water

In order to understand what product you need for your hard water, a water specialist will conduct a water test or analysis. To treat you water well, you may need a pre and/or post filtration or treatment. Generally, installing a water softener includes a pre filter to make sure the effects of chlorine or chloramines are addressed. Then, a reverse osmosis under the kitchen sink provides soft water that could be used for cooking and drinking.

  1. Costs for Installation

Some manufacturers or water treatment specialists include the installation charges along with the price of the water softener. In case your house is pre-plumbed for using a softener or is older, then it will take more time and money to complete the installation.

Water Softener Prices


Typical Water Softener Costs

Typically, the costs of water softeners depend on their type. Here are a few numbers:

  • Ion exchange water softeners – they start at around $300 to $600 for a basic unit. You need to put in $100 to $200 for installation, depending on the ease of access, type of equipment, and if you need piping and drain system. So, totally it could cost you around $400 to $800.
  • For larger homes, the units start from $800 to $1500. When installation charges are also added, the costs could become just around $1000. However, this depends on the options you choose. You will need to periodically recharge your ion exchange water softeners with fresh brine. The less expensive ones might require manual recharge, or may recharge based on a clock timer. Mid range ones have a water flow meter that automatically recharges after a set amount of water is sued. The costlier ones detect when the recharge is needed and automatically recharge it.


Additional Costs

Other than the basic purchase and installation cost, you may even have to incur some additional costs:

  • You need to periodically recharge salt based units. It may cost around $2 to $15 a month depending on how much the salt costs and how much your system uses up. Because of this, many people do not like to go for Salt based systems. In that case, you can opt for alternatives to salt based softeners, such as the Eddy Electric Water Descaler.
  • Before you buy a water softener, you need to understand the amount of hardness there’s in your water. You could easily get this done by diagnosing your water. If you are getting water from a community supply, you could ask the local water agency for the copy of the latest test results. In case you have a well or private supply, you will need to shell out around $25 to $100 for the tests.


Before you buy a water softener, keep in mind that price is not everything. Understand the whole water softening process before going ahead and purchasing one, so that you could make the best decision. Educate yourself about the causes of  hard water, its signs and symptoms, and how harmful it could be. You can check out our Best Water Softener Reviews to know everything about Water Softeners and decide which system is best for your household. This can avoid a lot of wastage, and helps you get a unit that is sized and priced correctly for all your requirements.

Make sure to buy a high quality water softening system with an outstanding warranty. Understand the trends in the market and make the best choice. You might want to check out our homepage reviewing the best water softening systems available in the market at the preset. We keep our site updated with the latest systems and reviews, so visit our homepage to select the right water softener for your home.

Best Water Softener of the Year (Based on Thousands of Customer Reviews and Tests): Fleck 5600SXT 48k System

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