Best Whole House Water Softener System Reviews 2017

Fleck 7000SXT Water Softener

Hard water is caused due to excess of minerals in the water supply. It is much more dangerous that people usually think. Depending on the level of hardness in your water, it could cause damage to the appliances in your home, or even cause health issues. The excessive minerals can be eliminated by effective water treatment. This is where you need water softeners. A number of treatment methods are available to eliminate the hardness and make your water pure for drinking and washing purposes. You get a large number of water softening systems available in the market. Each of them has its own softening techniques and is suitable for various requirements. Based on your preferences, you need to get one that suits your household. A whole house water softener gives you the advantage of softening all the water you require in your home. Once you install it, you can be sure that the water you get is always soft and harmless.

Purchasing the best water softening system is the toughest part. When you want buy a whole house water softening system, you need to be very careful as it is a big investment altogether. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. At Water Softener Guide, we feature different water softener reviews and have a pledge to help all the people facing hard water problems at their homes, by guiding them to choose the very best Water Softener for their households. Our experts have heavily researched and tested majority of the water softening systems available in the market today, and have enlisted and reviewed the best whole house water softener systems on this page. Check them out below!

Best Whole House Water Softener Systems 2017 - Our Reviews and Comparisons

Fleck 5600SXT with Iron Pro 48K Filter - Our #1 Recommendation

This is a salt based water softener which has a capacity of 48000 grains. It is apt for medium households. Fleck is known to be a big player in the field of water softening and the 5600 SXT model is the best selling system because of its best-in-the-industry features and the affordable pricing. Setting up and running this system is very easy. It has a digital display system which makes things much clearer and easier. 

Fleck 5600SXT Review

The Fleck 5600SXT is a salt based water softener. It uses resin beads and salt pellets for softening. As such, it requires regeneration from time to time. But, this model has features that automate the regeneration process. You can easily set up the system once and totally forget about it. The maintenance is just so easy with the meter based control system. The product comes with the softening system computer and a large brine tank. The size is perfect for a medium household with about 3 bathrooms, and usually suitable for households of upto 5 family members. This particular model is the combination an Iron Filter + 48k Water Softener. At such a reasonable pricing, it's a great deal to get a filter and softener for your whole house. 

Features and Advantages

  • Risk Free Warranty

The product comes with a 5 year warranty on the system and 10 year warranty on the tank. If you maintain the system along with the instructions, then this is sure to last a lifetime.

  • Meter Regeneration

The meter regeneration system makes it easy to run and maintain the product. Based on your water usage, the system takes care of the regeneration process. As such, running costs are drastically reduced, and the softener works at the right level at all times.

  • Control Panel

The control panel comes with a back lit LCD display and touch pad controls. This makes it easy to use and maintain.

  • Installation

A person with basic plumbing skills you could install the system yourself.

  • Value for Money

The system offers huge benefits at a low price. It is a great value for a high performing system. Other products in the market with similar properties come at much higher rates.


  • Size

The product is a bit on the heavier and bulkier side. Moving and installing it requires some effort due to this.

  • Salt levels

Since it is a salt based system, you need to take care to maintain the salt levels. The salt pellets need to be replaced from time to time. Even though regeneration is meter based, you must make sure to have salt pellets available in it. But this is the only Water Softener that ensures 99% softening of your water, and thus our experts highly recommend this product.

Suitable for:

  • Medium households with up to 6 people with 3 bathrooms.
  • People who want an “install and forget” system.
  • Areas with moderate to high levels of hardness in water.

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Fleck 7000 SXT Whole House Water Softener - 64,000 Grains

This is also a salt based water softening system which is a larger version of the Fleck 5600SXT with a capacity of 64,000 grains and is suited for larger households with 5-8 bathrooms. It is a huge system that is suited for large to very large households. For medium ones, it will definitely be an overkill, so you might want to check out the Fleck 5600SXT model in that case. It comes with a bypass valve that can help you control the system as per your requirements. This helps you stop the system whenever you want. It has a two tank configuration with a separate brine tank. A capacity of 64,000 grains gives you a whole lot of soft water and can provide software throughout your whole house.

Fleck 7000SXT Water Softener

The system uses an integral microprocessor based control. This measures the consumption of water and regenerates as per your usage. It helps save salt consumption and also running costs. The resin tank is made by the Structural Company, and it is as tough as nails. You get a 5 year warranty on the controls, valve, and brine tank, and 10 years on the resin tanks.

Features and Advantages:

  • Smart processing system

The smart processing system ensures that the settings are optimum as per your usage. Everything is adjusted automatically.

  • Savings

The smart processor makes operations highly efficient and also saves costs for you.

  • Bypass valve

The bypass valve is extremely handy when you want to stop the system temporarily.

  • High capacity

A large amount of water can be handled by this 64000 grain system.  It is perfect for large households with high usage.


  • May be overkill

The system is too large. As such, it may be an overkill for medium households. Check out the water softener calculator on our homepage before investing in the product.

  • Space

It takes up a lot of space due to its size.

  • Weight

The system weighs a lot. So, installing and changing the salt would require a lot of manpower.

Suitable for:

  • Large households
  • Small office buildings
  • Households with many bathrooms (upto 8-9)

Pelican NaturSoft Salt Free Whole House Water Softener

The Pelican NaturSoft NS6 is a premium whole house water softener that is salt free and requires no maintenance at all. It provides 99.6% scale prevention, and everything else one could expect from a whole house water softener. This product works by taking varying amounts of minerals from the solution to make the water soft. It does this through precipitation and also reduces the surface tension of the water. Through physical water treatment, the Pelican NaturSoft water softener softens your water without the use of any sort of chemicals.

Pelican NaturSoft Water Softener Systems

It has calcium carbonate crystal structures on the surface which have the power to attract the dissolved hardness. The hardness is then removed from the water and integrated in to the crystal structures. As such, the crystal structures grow larger. When water moves through, the movement and the friction cause fragments from these crystals to fragment off from the structure and flow along with the water. These crystals flow along with the water through a plumbing system as suspended particles. All along their travel, they perform the same role of attracting hard water particles and taking them along. As such, they control the scaling effects of the water all through the path of the water. Excess minerals are absorbed and water is made pure and safe.

Pelican NaturSoft Water Softener

The system can handle water with a pH range of 7 to 11, and a maximum hardness of 75 GPG. The ready to install product comes with a sediment pre-filter system with mounting hardware, bypass valve and fittings, and the installation guide. Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects gives you peace of mind. With just 3 seconds of contact with water, the system effectively removes hardness in your water.

 Features and Advantages:

  • No electricity required
  • Beneficial minerals are left behind
  • It is the only salt free water softener that is certified to be 99.6% effective
  • Water does not have the slippery feel after softening
  • No water is wasted in the process
  • Cost effective, as you need not replace salt or any other components regularly
  • Installation is simple
  • No maintenance is required
  • Hard water scales are effectively removed and prevented from appliances and plumbing
  • Amazing and prompt customer service


  • Difficult to find parts to replace in case you find any issues
  • A bit more on the expensive side when compared to other water softening systems in the market

Suitable for:

  • Large households with 4 to 6 bathrooms.
  • People looking for a Salt Free alternative to the Fleck 5600SXT or 7000SXT models.

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Best Whole House Water Softener System Reviews 2017
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